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When there is an urgent need for some sort of translation, you always have a few options to deal with this issue. For example, you can just throw the text into an online translator and get some sort of gibberish on a language, vaguely resembling Russian. You can also ask one of your employees to translate the text as he once studied the languages at university (but you are not quite sure if he remembers something, and wish him dictionary-speed!) But you can approach this problem more prudently and contact the translation agency. We will provide you with a translation of any level of complexity, on any subject. Do you want to translate a commercial proposal for a foreign partner, contract and other documents, an instruction for the hardware? Then contact us, we will immediately find the proper specialist for you.

We carry out the following types of translations:

  • written translation;
  • technical translation;
  • translation of documents.

We work with a large number of languages. This includes both the most common for communication (English, German and French) and not so widespread (Uzbek, Latvian, Arabic) languages. All work is done by are highly skilled professional linguists.

About prices

If you watch closely for the current discounts, you`ll find out that our prices may be even lower. We are sure that our special offers will no live you unfazed.

We've become more accessible

Do you need a good and fast translation? Contact us! Now we are available not only by phone, but also via other popular instant messengers. Pick and choose what you prefer – ICQ or Skype. If you stick to a more conservative point of view on internet messaging – you can send your order by e-mail. Our managers will calculate the cost of translation. But to know the approximate cost for your own, you can visit our website and find there a detailed price.

Do you need a good and fast translation? Contact us!

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